Guest Info

Page & Info Access

You can only view basic information that the app owner permits

More Pages/Info

Log-in to available 'Groups' (Members, Staff, Providers, Suppliers, etc.) to view/get additional content access, available app pages like (where existing): E-Shop, Project Listing, Staff Details, Contact & Feedback Forms, Event Listings.


This can be for clients to make bookings or potential clients who wish to see more details on pricing, our order process and how to manage the database app.


Get full access with editing rights to their own dedicated database app.

Other Groups

Many groups, access rights can be set-up to suit app requirements such as staff, providers, suppliers etc.

With our 'Groups' you can have your business forms, either internal forms and/or external forms, online and available to your staff, contractors, clients etc.(with combinations of view/add/edit/delete permissions set by the system.

On pages where a background image is required and the Theme choice menu is available (i.e. client has not selected to have a fixed theme), we may remove the page footer and block theme changes to the respective page. This would be done if some themes are not compatible with choices of backgrounds for the type of page content etc.