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Canine Understanding 03/11/2018 Canine understanding was founded in 2014 by Gemma and Brendan.
Clare Durling - Reflexologist 14/05/2019 Reflexology web app
Concept Elevators 01/06/2019 Covering the WIP demo site only
Equine Clinic App 01/06/2018 Equine clinic booking app
Equine Gateway Websites 02/03/2018 Equestrian website provider
Hedgehog Rescue 04/04/2019 Free Charity Web App
John Shaw Imstallation & Maintenance Services 06/07/2019 John Shaw IM Services cover all aspects of Kitchen and Bathroom requirements from the initial consultation, incorporating the design, to the final installation.
LAW Cleaning 01/05/2019 Local cleaning company
Mark Johnson: Barefoot Trimmer / Farrier 01/06/2018 Websites owned & run by farrier & bare foot trimmer: Mark Johnson Dip WCF
Mark Johnson: Barefoot Trimmer / Farrier 07/04/2019 Special Hoof Anatomy Website App
Personal Web App 07/05/2019 Personal site
Private (Medical App) 03/06/2019 Private App 01/03/2018 Our own website.....
R C Everyday Cleaning 02/03/2019 Cleaning Company, Stroud, Gloucestershire
Ron Williams: Web App Developer 01/07/2018 Responsive website, web app developer
Route 55: Driving school, instructor 01/06/2019 Coming Aug 2019
SB Northwind 01/07/2019  
SBB Equinefeed 01/02/2019  
SBB Horselivery 04/03/2019  
SBB Salon 20/02/2019  
Steve Halfpenny 03/02/2018 Steve Halfpenny is the founder of Light Hands Equitation.
Web4u0 Database Module 02/03/2018 Standard web app
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